Vuk the fox cub

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Fekete István - Vuk the fox cub

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Meet Vuk, the little fox cub whose family has been killed by the „Smooth skins”. He is not alone, though, his uncle Karack takes good care of him, takes him to his own home and teaches him to hunt.

By the end of winter after surviving a dangerous fox-hunt Vuk himself is an experienced hunter, not only can he protect himself but frees his sister from the Smooth skins’ captivity. When Chelle, his future mate comes along, Vuk is a grown up fox, one of the bravest in the woods.

István Fekete’s classic novel is famous for its unforgettable adventures, memorable characters and beautiful landscapes. A set reading for each Hungarian student and adult now in English.

Translated by Andrew G. Biri, illustrated by Edit Szalma.

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