Japanese With Ease II. (könyv + 4 CD)

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Catherine Garnier - Japanese With Ease  II. (könyv  + 4 CD)

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Japanese With Ease II. (könyv + 4 CD) leírása

The active phase of your study begins with this second volume of Japanese with Ease.
These 50 lessons will allow you to improve your Japanese. You will not only widen your knowledge of the language but you will also be able to evaluate your progress, as you become increasingly able to make the best use of what you have learned.
Be confident and enjoy learning Japanese with the lively dialogues taken from everyday events in Japan.
As you were told in the first volume, when you have completed your study of Japanese with Ease, you will have reached a good level of Japanese, and command a wide vocabulary for use in all sorts of practical and idomatic phrases.
You will be in possession of the basic tools of Japanese, as summarized in the appendices at the end of the book. They will be a useful reference if you wish to pursue your learning and discovery of this beautiful language.
Want to learn to write traditional Japanese characters as well? Writing Japanese with Ease is the book for you, explaining how to write strokeby-stroke the Chinese characters (Kanji) introduced in the 99 lesson of Japanese with Ease.
A(z) Assimil Japanese with Ease – Volume 2 (1 Book with 4 Audio CDs) (Könyv) szerzője Catherine Garnier, Toshiko Mori.

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